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APPA Professional Instruments...Multimeters, Clampmeters, Insulation Testers, LCR Meters


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Proskit LED Magnifyers...high quality Lenses

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Digital Hot-Air & Porcelain quality soldering stations

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Proskit Testing equipment

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Fiber Optics Tools & Techniques


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ImagePart No.MarkedFamilyDescriptionStockPrice
PCT-UR5 Miscellaneous USB/RS485 CONVERTER no stock
SHRINK 16 Miscellaneous HEAT SHRINK CABLE 16mm BLACK 18
SMP-ACR38T-IB Miscellaneous SIMmate 2 SIM MANAGEMENT PACKAGE no stock
PCT-UR2 Miscellaneous USB/RS232 CONVERTER no stock
SHRINK 25/12.5 GREEN Miscellaneous HEAT SHRINCABLE GREEN 25mm no stock
SHRINK 25/12.5 YEL/G Miscellaneous HEAT SHRINCABLE YELLOW/GREEN 25mm no stock
ZG3NC-240B ZG3NA-240B Miscellaneous SOL.S.REL-3->32VDC/240VAC-40A 17
KCD2-1 AL208 Miscellaneous CASE WATER PROOF 75
PYF08A PYF08A Miscellaneous SOCKET RELAY-8PIN 96
E2E-X2MF1 M8-45MM Miscellaneous PROX.SW-PNP-NO-10->30VDC-8mm(Dis:2mm) 29
E2E-X4MF1 M12-60MM Miscellaneous PROX.SW-PNP-NO-10->30VDC-12mm(Dis:4mm) 20
E2E-X8MF1 M18-70MM Miscellaneous PROX.SW-PNP-NO-10->30VDC-18mm(Dis:8mm) 23
S-350-12 AL-S350 12V 30A Miscellaneous POW.S-100/240AC OUT:12VDC-29A 12
D-70C DUAL OUT 12-24 70W Miscellaneous POW.S.DUAL-IN:240 OUT:12V/2.5A-24V/1.7A 6
D-150C DUAL OUT 12-24V 150W Miscellaneous POW.S.DUAL-IN:240 OUT:12V/10A-24V/4.2A 6
SHRINK 8 Miscellaneous HEAT SHRINK CABLE 8mm GREEN no stock
03-011 03-011 Miscellaneous ALIGATOR (SET OF 10) 30
10MA022 10MA022 Miscellaneous ALIGATOR CLIP RED OR BLACK 81
3RCA-3RCA-10M Miscellaneous RCA TO RCA CABLE 3 CONN 10M 9
3RCA-3RCA-1.8M Miscellaneous RCA TO RCA CABLE 3 CONN 1.8M no stock
SOK50 Miscellaneous LED SOCKET 5MM no stock
SHRINK 50/25 BLUE+ Miscellaneous HEAT SHRINK 5CM BLUE no stock
SHRINK 50/25 RED Miscellaneous HEAT SHRINK 5CM RED no stock
SHRINK 30/15 BLEU Miscellaneous SHRINK 30MM BLEU no stock
Miscellaneous HEAT SHRINCABLE GREEN 25mm no stock
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