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Proskit Professional Tool kits...




APPA Professional Instruments...Multimeters, Clampmeters, Insulation Testers, LCR Meters


XELTEK SUPERPRO Universal Programmers

Proskit LED Magnifyers

Proskit LED Magnifyers...high quality Lenses

LED Lighting PRoducts
Shielded Control Cables

Leaders in German Control cables...

Digital Hot-Air & Porcelain quality soldering stations

Digital Hot-Air & Porcelain quality soldering stations

Proskit Testing equipment

Proskit Testing equipment

Fiber Optics Tools & Techniques

Fiber Optics Tools & Techniques


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ImagePart No.MarkedFamilyDescriptionStockPrice
CLBW733 Cables CBL5*0.23 mmý STRD LIYCY no stock
CLBW734 Cables CBL9*0.14 mmý +2 COAX P.O
CLBW736 Cables CBL2*0.14 mmý-2*0.14mmý-1COAX STRD P.O
CLBW737 Cables CBL8*0.25 mmý STRD no stock
CLBW740 Cables CBL10*2*0.14 mmý STRD-LIYCY+DW P.O
CLBW704 Cables CBL8*2*0.25 SRD-LIYCY TKD P.O
CLBW742 Cables CBL2*2*0.25 mmý STRD-LIYCY NEK no stock
CLBW743 Cables CBL5*0.14 mmý STRD-5/Y-C11Y HELUK P.O
CLBW744 Cables CBL2*2*0.50 mmý STRD-LIYCY no stock
CLBW746 Cables CBL2*2*0.14 mmý STRD-LIYCY P.O
CLBW747 Cables CBL2*0.50 mmý STRD ALUM. no stock
CLBW748 Cables CBL4*2*0.14 mmy STRO LIYCY P.O
CLBW749 Cables CBL7*0.14 mmý STRD-LIYCY P.O
CLBW750 Cables CBL2*2*0.14 mmý DBL-STRD UNI.BRUN P.O
CLBW751 Cables CBL7*0.25 mmý STRD-LIYCY no stock
CLBW752 Cables CBL10*2*0.14 mmý STRD-LIYFCY-EIW P.O
CLBW753 Cables CBL4*2*0.25 mmý STRD-LIYCY P.O
CLBW754 Cables CBL8*0.14 mmý STRD-LIYCY P.O
CLBW755 Cables CBL7*2*0.14 mmý STRD-LIYCY P.O
CLBW756 Cables CBL2*2*0.75 mmý STRD-LIYCY P.O
CLBW757 Cables CBL4*2*0.50 mmý STRD-LI2YCY no stock
CLBW758 Cables CBL2*0.14 mmý STRD-2/T-D-Y no stock
CLBW759 Cables CBL2*2*0.56 mmý STRD-LIYCY no stock
CLBW760 Cables CBL5*2*0.08 mmý STRD-LIYCY P.O
CLBW761 Cables CBL4*2*0.14 mm STRD SNAKE KELSY P.O
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