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Proskit LED Magnifyers...high quality Lenses

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Digital Hot-Air & Porcelain quality soldering stations

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Proskit Testing equipment

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Fiber Optics Tools & Techniques


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ImagePart No.MarkedFamilyDescriptionStockPrice
CLBW315 Cables CBL15*0.07 mmý STRD ALM. P.O
CLBW316 Cables CBL6*2*0.14 mmý STRD (ROUL 1000)MAG P.O
CLBW317 Cables CBL2*0.75 mmý STRD (ROUL) P.O
CLBW319 Cables CBL6*2*0.22 mmý STRD LIYCY P.O
CLBW322 Cables CBL2*0.14 mmý STRD LIYCY P.O
CLBW323 Cables CBL5*2*0.80 mmý-DOP.STRD LIYCY P.O
CLBW324 Cables CBL7*0.25 mmý -STRD 3* P.O
CLBW327 Cables CBL6*0.14 mmý -WEYDEMEYER- (P.ROUL) P.O
CLBW328 Cables CBL8*2*0.14 mmý-STRD-(P.RL)MAG.DET7 P.O
CLBW329 Cables CBL7*2*0.14mm STRD P.O
CLBW330 Cables CBL18*0.14 mmý STRD P.O
CLBW334 Cables CBL6*2*0.14 mmý STRD P.O
CLBW336 Cables CBL8*2*0.14 mmý STRD (D4) P.O
CLBW338 Cables CBL18*0.14 mmý P.O
CLBW500 Cables CBL5*0.14 mmý-STRD LIYCY P.O
CLBW501 Cables CBL4*2*0.14 mmý-STRD-(ROUL) P.O
CLBW503 Cables CBL32*0.50 mmý STRD LIYCY no stock
CLBW506 Cables CBL4*0.75 mmý STRD-(ROUL) P.O
CLBW507 Cables CBL4*0.50 mmý STRD-(ROUL)-(P.ROUL)M P.O
CLBW508 Cables CBL14*0.50 mmý STRD-LIYCY no stock
CLBW509 Cables CBL4*2*0.25 mmý-STRD-(ROUL) no stock
CLBW510 Cables CBL2*2*0.50 mmý STRD AL-(ROUL) no stock
CLBW511 Cables CBL4*2*0.25 mmý-STRD LIYCY P.O
CLBW512 Cables CBL4*0.22 mmý STRD-(ROUL) P.O
CLBW514 Cables CBL2*0.50 mmý STRD AL-(ROUL) P.O
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