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Proskit Professional Tool kits...




APPA Professional Instruments...Multimeters, Clampmeters, Insulation Testers, LCR Meters


XELTEK SUPERPRO Universal Programmers

Proskit LED Magnifyers

Proskit LED Magnifyers...high quality Lenses

LED Lighting PRoducts
Shielded Control Cables

Leaders in German Control cables...

Digital Hot-Air & Porcelain quality soldering stations

Digital Hot-Air & Porcelain quality soldering stations

Proskit Testing equipment

Proskit Testing equipment

Fiber Optics Tools & Techniques

Fiber Optics Tools & Techniques


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ImagePart No.MarkedFamilyDescriptionStockPrice
TER801 AD127 2P / WD127-2 Miscellaneous TERMINAL 2 POSITION GREEN 325
AHC3J-AL AHC3J-8AL Miscellaneous COUNTER-LCD-SIG(24->240V)-EL.RESET no stock
YL23-01 Miscellaneous M.S-5A-250VAC SMALL-YIPU 1
CX-48BD AL48BD Miscellaneous TEMP.CONT.220VAC-ALL TYPE+PT100+L.S no stock
Z-15GW-B Miscellaneous M.S.BIG-15A-250VAC 194
H3CA-8 ALION Miscellaneous PROG.TIMER. 220V.3DIG.LCD.99.9s->9990hr no stock
DHC6B AHC6B Miscellaneous PROG.TIMMER.100/240V.LED.0 01s->99h59m no stock
ATDV-Y Miscellaneous TWIN TIMER.220VAC.60s/60m 6
MY3-NS-220VAC MY3 Miscellaneous ALION-COIL 220VAC-3C-5A-240VAC 19
PYF11A Miscellaneous SOCKET RELAY-11PIN 48
MY4-NS-220VAC Miscellaneous ALION-COIL 220VAC-4C-5A-240VAC 38
MY4-NS-12VDC Miscellaneous ALION-COIL12VDC-4C-5A-240VAC 15
PYF14A Miscellaneous SOCKET RELAY-14PIN 10
SCK9022 90.22 Miscellaneous SOCKET RELAY-8PIN-ROUND 46
SCK9023 90.23 Miscellaneous SOCKET RELAY-11PIN-ROUND 48
ALD5 Miscellaneous TERMINALS 20A-300V-14AWG 174
Y-50 Miscellaneous SOCKET TIMER 19
AM18SDC12V Miscellaneous RELAY-12VDC-2C-2A 4
JZC-23F24(T73-2) T73-2 24VDC Miscellaneous RELAY-24VDC-12A-1C 37
AHC11J-2AL AHC11J-2AL Miscellaneous COUNTER-100/240VAC-D.LCD no stock
JQX-14FL-12VDC-1Z JQX-145 12VDC 1Z 16A Miscellaneous RELAY-12VDC-10A-1C no stock
JQX-14FL-12VDC-2Z JQX-145 12VDC 2Z 5A Miscellaneous RELAY-12VDC-5A-2C 7
JQX-14FL-24VDC-1Z JQX-145 24VDC 1Z 16A Miscellaneous RELAY-24VDC-10A-1C 115
JQX-14FL-24VDC-2Z JQX-145 24VDC 1Z 5A Miscellaneous RELAY-24VDC-5A-2C no stock
ZG3M-208B ZG 3M 3-36VDC 8A Miscellaneous SOL.S.REL. 3->36VDC-8A 62
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